Stylish investment journey in London


Leading SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) tech company the Mobank Group recognised a need to develop its marketing strategy as it grew from a small start-up into a leading provider of mobile banking applications and mCommerce shopping websites. With a requirement to reach a broad audience – including top retailers, their customers, industry organisations, partners, investors and press – the objectives were far reaching.


Revel founder Sam Jones worked closely with the client’s team to deliver three annual event-based campaigns that would support the group in its investment journey from start-up to IPO. A series of well-attended product launches and receptions for investors, partners, clients and press were hosted in stylish event spaces around London. Careful guest list management and the perfect balance between business and hospitality were key to these events.

In addition, the brand took centre stage at a line-up of leading industry expos, conferences and seminars, positioning the group strategically alongside competitors, corporate partners, buyers, new talent and press. Sponsorship opportunities were identified and negotiated ensuring the best brand presence, lead generation and return on investment for the client. Speaker engagements and panel invitations were secured for company founders and key representations regularly, positioning both the team and brand strongly.

The Tech Start-Up Event and Investor Campaign was overseen by Sam Jones on a consultation basis.
Photos courtesy of The Deck

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“Having used Sam from Revel to arrange events campaigns over a number of years, I’m delighted to endorse her and the team’s professionalism and energy. The regular receptions that they have organised for partners and investors have significantly boosted the profile and reach of my businesses”