Iconic architecture takes centre stage


Isle of Architecture was a year-long project to raise awareness of the Isle of Man’s built environment, bringing architecture and heritage to diverse audiences and encouraging dialogue between different social and cultural groups. Revel were brought in to develop the concept, create a brand identity, deliver an innovative programme of events and direct a press, PR and digital campaign.


Revel developed and marketed a full line-up of performances, talks, behind-the-scenes tours, public debates, workshops and exhibitions. Highlights included talks by contemporary architects and TV presenters, an audio-visual installation in an iconic building, symposium exploring the creative re-use of historic sites and a series of pop-up gigs in surprising spaces – including a swimming pool, lifeboat house and even a public loo! Interactive digital and social media activities formed a highlight of the campaign, as did an integrated press campaign and number of public engagement initiatives, including a ‘#ilovethisbuilding’ – a photography competition. The project was successful in encouraging the community and different professional groups to engage, sparking debate and raising awareness in a fun and experiential way.

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“We enjoyed working with Kate and Sam on the year-long ‘Isle of Architecture’ project. This was a challenging project and Revel succeeded in developing a wide-ranging programme of events with good turnout and significant media and social media attention. Their professionalism, ambition and attention to detail was evident at all times and their good natures carried us through some challenging moments. I would happily work with Revel in the future”