This year has been an exciting one for Revel. From collaborating with new clients to orchestrating the Revel rebrand to keeping both feet on the ground around celebrity speakers, 2017 has definitely been a year to remember.

To celebrate, we created a long list of our favourite Revel experiences, keynote speakers, company milestones and more. We then realised that nobody would read ‘Revel’s Top 700 Experiences of 2017’ and decided to whittle it down a bit. Ten seemed like a good number.

We hope you enjoy Revel’s Top 10 Experiences of 2017:

Revel Top 10 of 2017
  1. Celebrating the Isle of Man’s Unesco Biosphere status alongside BBC journalist, award-winning documentary makers and best-selling author Simon Reeve (and managing to hold it together in his presence).
  2. Enjoying a Fireside Chat with the legendary artist Roger Dean as he highlighted the importance of the creative industries. (An epic follow on from Revel’s MakeMarket pop up campaign).
  3. Increasing our number of clients, growing our sponsor network and expanding our social media community.
  4. Nurturing the (now legendary) ISLEXPO Garden Hub tipis from an idea on paper to a tangible place of revelry, bringing electric festival vibes to business conferencing.
  5. Expanding the Revel Team with new team members in the Isle of Man, London, Southern Spain and Gibraltar.
  6. Hosting ‘Gigs in Unusual Spaces’, an eclectic Pop-Up series of events across the Isle of Man as part of Isle of Architecture. An intimate and atmospheric folk performance ‘Sounds by the Sea’ was a Revel favourite!
  7. Reshaping the Revel brand to better fit the style and ethos of our growing events company. This included the launch of our shiny new website.
  8. Hosting a symposium with BBC restoration expert Marianne Suhr and exploring the creative reuse of heritage buildings with specialist architects.
  9. Running the popular ‘I love this building’ competition, an Island-wide photography campaign in partnership with Gallery Magazine.
  10. Dancing the night away to the Hackney Colliery Band at the ISLEXPO gala dinner.

If you are interested in creating an event or campaign with us, please get in touch. Who knows, you may make the Revel list for 2018!