Revel is entering its third glorious year of business as a boutique events and brand campaign agency, and it’s time to celebrate! (As if we needed an excuse to #revelintheexperience).

The past two years have been filled with unique events, enriching experiences and a world of genuine connection that we can’t help but revel in. To honour the good times and our growing events company, we’ve overhauled the Revel brand bringing it up to speed with our rich levels of revelry. Wrapped in our fabulous new brand, we are broadening our horizons and working with clients across the UK and further afield. Intercontinental revelry, anyone?

It is no secret, we love to learn while we revel. We also love it when our guests are entertained, enlightened and educated all at once. With this in mind, it was only fair that our logo received the same seriously fun treatment. Unique, vibrant and memorable. Isn’t she lovely?

It is a given that you never know what to expect at a Revel event. Excited anticipation regarding spectacular surprises have become commonplace among our guests. So naturally, curious speckles found their way into our reincarnation as well. They bring out our lively side with a celebratory nod to the buzz, fizz and vibrant energy that we revel in regularly.

Oh, and the gold – the fabulous gold. It just had to happen somewhere.

We are also very much in love with our bubbly logo sidekick. The subtle, yet chirpy circular ‘r’ ready to #revelintheexperience at any time and place. ‘Swoon’

We could go on and on about this new look, but we will leave a bit up to creative interpretation.

The launch of our new brand and website marks the start of an exciting chapter for us. We have poured a lot of love into our new look and feel and hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed the creative process.

Revel creates one-in-a-kind events, campaigns and experience, across a range of sectors including lifestyle, luxury, food and drink, hospitality, art and creative industries, leisure, and digital and tech. We create enriching event experiences and campaigns for brands, venues and destinations across the UK and further afield.

If you are interested in creating an event to remember, please get in touch. Let’s revel together!