Today is Earth Day – the largest global civic observance which has been going for 48 years. This year Earth Day is all about plastics, a subject which has (thankfully) become a hot topic as of late. Big shifts in daily habits must take place across the board and Team Revel is determined to be part of the change, both personally and as professionals working within the events industry.

ISLEXPO 2018 is a major project on Revel’s calendar, full planning and production are currently underway. We are working to reduce plastic as much as possible at the opening Founders’ Feast and the following 1-day business festival. We’ll be the first to tell you we are not 100% there yet, but steps are being taken to largely decrease the event’s environmental impact:

  • – Plastic water bottles onsite reduced. We will not be distributing complimentary bottles of water this year and encourage delegates to think ahead and bring their own reusable bottles.
  • – Bar drinks sold in glass bottles when possible
  • – Working with suppliers such as Rock Food Concepts, who are embracing plastic reducing policies; hear about how they ditched plastic straws for wheat straws here.
  • – Recycling bins available at multiple locations across the venue
  • – Compostable cups and lids used for the complimentary coffee thanks to our coffee sponsors, KPMG
  • – Encouraging suppliers to:
    • – Minimise waste across the board, especially single-use plastics
    • – Reuse existing materials
    • – Serve food in recyclable containers (e.g. bamboo and cardboard)
    • – Use local produce
  • – Digital promotion used where possible, moving away from unnecessary printing
  • – Sponsors are asked to consider the environment when providing material for delegates
  • – Reusing materials from previous events
  • – As with previous years, attendees are given a canvas tote bag; no plastic bags

Revel is based on the Isle of Man, an Island recently awarded UNESCO Biosphere Region status. Protection of its breath-taking beauty is essential, and we are proud to say that many residents are taking plastic pollution seriously. Here is a (non-exhaustive!) list of local Manx ecowarriors leading the Island’s plastic-free movement:

  • 3 pieces of plastic: the best ideas are the simplest and this one is so easy, anyone can partake. Pick up 3 pieces of plastic when you are out and about on the beach or in the countryside #3pop
  • Manx Wildlife Trust: campaigning to reduce the use of plastic bags and selling a canvas bag designed via a school children’s competition
  • Why the Plastic: a family who has devoted a Twitter feed to reduce single-use plastic waste one piece at a time shares tips and ideas
  • Beach Buddies IOM: a volunteer-led beach cleaning charity founded in 2006 by Bill Dale B.E.M. This hard-working charity has enabled the Isle of Man to achieve the cleanest beaches in Europe, get involved with their events; the next is on 29 April. Join us at ISLEXPO on 16 May, where Bill Dale will be joining the Futurist Floor.

For Revel and many of the small businesses on the Isle of Man, new initiatives to reduce single-use plastics are becoming common practice. We’re all in it together. What will you do this Earth Day professionally or personally to #ReduceReuseRecycle?